Products for Emerging Economies

Fyodor is developing diagnostics and medicines for the effective diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in emerging markets. Our flagship product – the Urine Malaria Test (UMT) – is a non-invasive, one-step dipstick assay, less than two years away from establishing a significant revenue stream in the multi-billion dollar malaria market. The UMT lets people know immediately if a fever is due to malaria or not, using only a few drops of urine, and because of its simplicity (no blood, no reagents, no equipment), can be performed in resource-constrained settings, enabling immediate targeted treatment. As the first non-blood based tool for at-home or point-of-need diagnosis of clinical malaria, the UMT, which currently demonstrates over 90% accuracy, has the potential to dominate malaria diagnosis in the next decade and to markedly impact the way malaria is diagnosed and treated worldwide. 

Urine Malaria Test (UMT)

Fyodor has developed a novel Urine-based Malaria Test (UMT) for the rapid diagnosis of malaria in persons with fever.

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Malaria in the blood cells

About Malaria

Malaria is the world’s most important tropical parasitic disease and a leading cause of death worldwide.

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Market Need

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 216 million cases of malaria led to over 655,000 deaths worldwide.

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