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Passionate People Solving Some of the Biggest Issues in Global Health

Fyodor (which means “Divine Gift") delivers simple innovative solutions to major global health problems. Our innovative technologies advance patient-centric diagnostic capabilities that help expand access to appropriate care in home and point-of-care settings.

Many years ago, a woman had to go to a doctor’s clinic or clinical laboratory to test if she was pregnant, and diabetes patients regularly to a lab to check their blood sugar. Today, no more, thanks to the empowering ability for home testing.

Our flagship product is a disruptive innovation for malaria testing – the Urine Malaria Test (UMT) – the first and only non-blood test that tells if a fever is due to malaria, using a few drops of urine. The UMT changes the cost equation and user experience in malaria testing globally, driving a move away from health facility-based care approach to home- or individual user-based malaria testing model, similar to  home pregnancy testing and blood sugar testing for diabetes patients. With the UMT, it is now possible for anyone, anywhere, to rapidly and conveniently test for malaria – no blood, no reagent, no equipment.

Our products pipeline includes other non-blood tests for common febrile illnesses in emerging markets. 

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The umt innovation

No More Guesswork

The UMT is a simple dipstick test that detects Plasmodium falciparum malaria proteins or fragments thereof shed in the urine of febrile patients, using novel recombinant monoclonal antibodies. The test process is as simple as A-B-C:

(A) Dip UMT strip into patient urine;

(B) Let stand in the sample for 25 minutes;

(C) Read results

The UMT was validated in a pivotal clinical trial implemented by a consortium of leading malaria research institutions:

  • WHO/ANDI Center of Excellence for Malaria Diagnosis, College of Medicine University of Lagos, Nigeria;

  • Johns Hopkins University USA;

  • Duke University USA, and;

  • Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja, Nigeria.

The outcome was published in the leading peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Microbiology of the American Society for Microbiology.

The Power of Simple

Transforming Malaria Diagnostic Landscape

What if Anyone, Anywhere Can Test for Malaria Using

a Simple Non-blood Test, Just Like Pregnancy Testing? 

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