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Fyodor will be in the DealRoom at the Africa 2018 Investment Forum in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

December 8-9, 2018

Fyodor Biotechnologies has been selected to participate in the Africa 2018 Investment Forum, taking place on the 8 and 9 December, in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt.

Fyodor Chairman & CEO - Eddy Agbo, DVM, PhD will pitch the development Africa's bio-economy, and showcase the Company's innovative Urine Malaria Test (UMT) - the world's first and only non-blood test that tells if a fever is malaria using a few drops of urine.

The Forum, co-organized by the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation of Egypt and COMESA Regional Investment Agency, will be held under the High Patronage of H.E. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of Egypt. Over 2,000 participants are expected during the two-day forum to advance trade and investment across Africa, with focus on issues relating to entrepreneurship and giving a stronger voice to women at the decision-making table.

This high-level forum is the biggest business-to-business and government-to-business gathering bringing together leading policy makers with captains of industry, financiers, major industrialists and young entrepreneurs from across Africa and beyond:


Fyodor Chairman & CEO to discuss "Industry Diversification Strategy in Africa" at the African Development Bank Annual Meeting in Busan, South Korea

May 24-25, 2018

At the invitation of the Korean government, Fyodor Chairman & CEO - Dr Eddy Agbo will be speaking on "Industry Diversification Strategy in Africa" at the 2018 Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank in Busan, Korea, May 21-25, 2018 hosted by the government of South Korea.

The occasion is a grand-scale international event with more than 4,000 participants including African Heads of State, Delegations of 80 member countries, international organizations, the public and private sectors and financial institutions of Korea and Africa, and Korean and international media.
The theme of this year’s Annual Meetings would be “Accelerating Africa’s Industrialization,” under which the Korean government will be hosting Host Country Seminar on May 23-24.

Fyodor CEO to speak on ‘Frugal Innovations in Medicine’ at the 2018 MedTech Summit, Nuremberg, Germany

April 06, 2018

Fyodor today announced that Chairman and CEO Dr Eddy Agbo will speak on ‘Frugal Innovations in Medicine’ at the 2018 MedTech Summit, Nuremberg, Germany, at 9.20 AM CET / 8.20 AM WAT / 3.20 AM US ET).

The summit, to be held in partnership with MT-Connect under the auspices of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is the premier global forum for medical device manufacturers, clinicians, scientists and suppliers in the medical technology space. The conference details are available at the MedTech Summit website.

About Fyodor

Fyodor is a leading fever diagnostics biotech company delivering a portfolio of non-invasive products that address global health diseases in emerging markets. We create consumer-facing medical diagnostic products that empower patient-centric healthcare management to expand and democratize access to appropriate individualized care in home settings. Fyodor has commercialized the Urine Malaria Test (UMT) – the first and only non-blood dipstick test that tells within 25 minutes if a fever is malaria, using a few drops of urine, and works just like a pregnancy test. With the UMT, we are democratizing malaria testing, making it possible for anyone, anywhere, to promptly test, to save lives at scale.


Fyodor Biotechnologies

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Disruptive Innovation is the Future of Africa: Fyodor Chairman & CEO Discusses as a VIP Speaker & Panelist at the Harvard Africa Business Conference

March 2-4, 2018

Africa is in a renaissance, and innovation is driving it up. Is disruptive innovation the future of development in Africa?

Fyodor Chairman & CEO - Eddy Agbo - discusses at the 20th Harvard Africa Business Conference in Boston:


Silicon Valley Welcomes Fyodor

August 16, 2017

Silicon Valley Welcomes Fyodor Biotechnologies to the 500 Growth Accelerator Batch 22

Three Nigeria-led startups have been selected in the recently released cohort of 500 Startups Seed Program. This was announced on 500 Startups’ website earlier this month. The Nigerian startups who represent the only black startups in the cohort include...

Two inventors of anti-malarial interventions, Drs. Achidi Valentin Agon, Managing Director and founder of API-Benin International SARL, an African Phytopharmaceutical Industry and Eddy Agbo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fyodor Biotechnologies, paid a courtesy visit to the ECOWAS Commission’s President, Mr. Marcel de Souza on 26th July, 2017. The duo were at the ECOWAS Commission to...

Fyodor UMT Recognized as One Of Africa’s Most Innovative Inventions

July 17, 2017

Fyodor UMT One Of Africa’s Most Innovative Inventions

Africa is an appealing soil for investors and entrepreneurs, since innovation is rising at a remarkable pace. We talk about a different generation of businessmen willing to change the current economic narrative in the continent. They craft their projects to invent, inspire and give back to their communities. Here is a list of our top-five needs-based innovation in Africa...

Innovate4Health: Meeting the Needs of Rural Africa with Fyodor’s Point-of-Care Testing for Malaria

April 14, 2017

Innovate4Health: Meeting the Needs of Rural Africa with Fyodor’s Point-of-Care Testing for Malaria

Every year, more than 200 million cases of malaria are reported worldwide. It can often be mistaken for a less serious malady, as symptoms include “fever, chills, and flu-like illness.” If quickly identified, the disease is treatable. Yet more than 655,000 people, mostly children in sub-Saharan Africa, died from malaria in 2016. Expeditious diagnosis of the disease can result in faster treatment and lower mortality rates. The patented...

Harvard Business Review:

Africa's New Generation of Innovators

Jan-Feb 2017 Issue

Harvard Business Review:

Africa's New Generation of Innovators

For years now, business leaders and investors from around the world have waited for the Africa Rising narrative to shift from promise to reality. The continent has understandably been the focus of increasing investment and attention since the turn of this century. With a young, urbanizing population; abundant natural resources; and a growing middle class, Africa seems to have all the ingredients necessary for breakaway growth—perhaps even outstripping the so-called tiger economies of East Asia a generation ago...

Top 15 Technology Solutions Transforming Humanitarian Relief & Development

October 19, 2016

Top 15 Technology Solutions Transforming Humanitarian Relief & Development​

Join the 2nd annual Aid & Development Africa Summit on 28 February-1 March 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya to discover game-changing innovations in mobile technology, humanitarian logistics, health & WASH, communications, shelter and refugee camp management...

The UMT - The Divine Gift

October 08, 2016

The UMT - The Divine Gift

Eddy Agbo had a close companion while growing up in Mbu...

Innovations in Health: For Africa, From Africa

August 24, 2016

Innovations in Health: For Africa, From Africa

Traveling in almost any remote region of the world you will undoubtedly stumble across three things: Coca-Cola, cigarettes and beer. Leveraging these distribution systems to deliver high quality health and wellness products presents an opportunity to reach communities that continue to suffer from the highest burden of preventable disease...

The UMT Wins Innovation Prize for Africa

June 24, 2016

The UMT Wins Innovation Prize for Africa

This year’s winners offer innovative responses to address malaria & HIV/AIDS, two of Africa’s greatest disease burdens. Ground-breaking healthcare solutions grab the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2016...

World Bank: Disrupting malaria - How Fyodor Biotechnologies is Changing the Game

June 15, 2016

World Bank:​ Disrupting Malaria - How Fyodor Biotechnologies is Changing the Game

In a recent blog post, I made the case that disruptive innovation is the most viable strategy for economic growth in Africa. The post generated many comments and conversations, with people asking exactly how it would work. Since then, I’ve been collecting examples of successful disruptive innovations in various industries; this time, I’m tackling health care...

UMT Removes Guesswork from Malaria Testing

June 09, 2016

UMT Removes Guesswork from Malaria Testing

Urine Malaria Test is a precise and fast way to test whether a fever is due to malaria or not. A molecular biotechnologist and Chairman, Fyodor Biotechnologies, Dr. Eddy Agbo in this interview with Crusoe Osagie, harped on the new innovation and how it is changing the face of malaria diagnosis in Nigeria...

The DIY test for malaria that could be a game-changer for Africa

May 24, 2016

The DIY test for malaria that could be a game-changer for Africa

Nigerian biotechnologist Eddy Agbo is the founder and CEO of the Fyodor Biotechnologies Corporation, and the man behind the do-it-yourself Urine Malaria Test. The product was released last year and can test for the malaria parasite plasmodium in less than 25 minutes. But what makes it so special is it does not require a blood sample to do so.
According to the World Health Organisation...

Firm Unveils Malaria Toolkit

May 01, 2016

Firm Unveils Malaria Toolkit

Fyodor Biotechnologies Corp USA and Fyodor Biotechnologies Nigeria Ltd, in collaboration with its marketing and distribution partner – Geneith Pharmaceuticals Ltd, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, officially launched its Urine Malaria Test (UMT) in Nigeria. Speaking at the unveiling of UMT product activation at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja...

Nigeria gets Urine Malaria Test Kit

April 29, 2016

Nigeria Gets Urine Malaria Test Kit

Nigerians can now test for malaria before treatment with its first ever Fyodor Urine malaria test (UMT) kit within 25 minutes. The inventor, Dr Eddy Agbo, said the innovation, a do-it-yourself (DIY), is a giant stride as malaria has killed half of the world population. Speaking at the introduction/ launch of the product in Lagos...