Did You Know  That Malaria May Have Killed Half The People Who Have Ever Lived (John Whitfield, Nature, 2002)?

At Fyodor, we are driven by the power of innovation to solve some of the biggest global health issues of our time.  For example, malaria remains one of the single most deadly and wrongly diagnosed global health diseases. Fever is an early sign of the disease, but many other causes of fever exist. As most deaths occur within 48 hours of fever onset, early diagnosis is critical. Until now, anyone in a malaria endemic area with a fever must go to a lab or clinic for a blood test to tell if the fever is due to malaria or not. For most people, this is not even an option because they're discouraged by cost of the trip to the clinic, the day-long wait and cost of care, etc.

The development of the UMT was premised on a simple but fundamental question: What if the patient could test or be tested at or close to home and, if positive, promptly treated with over-the-counter anti-malarial medicine, thereby avoiding a drug they did not need, and saving on the trip, cost and blood work at the clinic, just like the pregnancy or blood sugar tests today.

For us, it's not just about malaria testing; it's about the overall experience.


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